KennonAP7-1Kennon sells hardly any products in Wyoming, most of our sales are nationwide and international. A large customer for Kennon is the US military for whom we ship products all over the world. The reason we choose to manufacture in Sheridan, Wyoming is, simply, quality of life.

Kennon designs and manufactures protective coverings for aircraft and aerospace applications, and also for a growing number of niche applications we term “high value assets”, such as for a new solar powered recumbent line of bicycles. We utilize materials from all over the country, and produce world class products with our uniquely talented fabrication and design staff.

Kennon also operates an active research and development (R&D) group which performs cutting edge research, mostly for the US military. This active R&D helps improve Kennon’s products, opens avenues to new customers, and allows us to collaborate with major universities, including the University of Wyoming.

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