By Paolo Cisneros

When data is your business, there’s plenty that can go wrong: Servers can fail, expenses can outpace revenue and aging infrastructure can severely hinder growth.

Still, Don Jacobson isn’t worried about any of that.

Unlike the owners of data centers in large metropolitan areas and regions prone to natural disasters, Jacobson’s operation, Big Horn Mountain Data, is securely housed in scenic Sheridan, Wyo.

As a result, Jacobson sleeps soundly at night with the knowledge that his livelihood is protected from so many of the mishaps that have befallen others in his industry.

Largely isolated from both natural and manmade disasters, Sheridan offers a truly unique setting for data-centric ventures. The region’s cool air, low cost of electricity and extremely favorable tax climate further enhance its already extensive slate of offerings to members of the tech community.

Add those amenities to some of the area’s more intangible qualities — a welcoming community, gorgeous mountain scenery and a nationally renowned school system among others — and Sheridan stands firmly apart from the pack when it comes to overall quality of life.

For their part, the team at Big Horn Mountain Data boats more than 65 combined years of experience in the industry, allowing the company to offer a wide array of services such as data colocation, server hosting, network management, data backup and document management.

Whereas tech-based companies once relied upon densely populated urban settings in order to provide the highest level of customer service, important developments in Wyoming’s broadband Internet infrastructure teamed with a comprehensive push by state officials to support local entrepreneurship have transformed the Cowboy State into an ideal location for Internet-based companies.

What’s more, municipal officials have expressed tremendous support for public-private partnerships aimed at supporting sustainable economic development and the proactive development of the area’s workforce. In recent years, Sheridan has seen explosive growth in its tech-centric community, thank in large part to organizations such as Forward Sheridan and the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

As for Big Horn Mountain Data, Jacobson currently boasts clients in Texas, Ohio, Tennessee and Nebraska in addition to Wyoming. Additionally, his company sets aside additional data files for enterprises as far away as Ireland, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

One of a pair of corporate data centers already located in Sheridan, Big Horn Mountain Data has proven to be a trailblazer in the newfound frontier of tech-based entrepreneurship that is Sheridan, Wyo. And as city and state officials continue to expand the region’s technological infrastructure, the future appears ripe for continued growth in the years and decades to come.

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