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HTBPEvery day, Sheridan rolls out the red carpet for businesses.

Wyoming provides an impressive bundle of financial and strategic advantages:  one of the country’s best overall cost-of-doing business ratings, which includes low labor and utility costs, plus one of the most pro-business tax climates in the country—advantages as wide-spread as the plains that sweep across our state. Take a closer look and discover what the many thriving businesses here already know: and that is, while the state’s iconic logo symbolizes our “Old West” past, surely it’s our vibrant, pro-business culture that symbolizes our future. Perhaps your company’s future, too. Plan your visit to Sheridan today!

Cost Advantages

HTBPWyoming takes the “business friendly” concept to a whole new level—or, whole new levels, actually. Because across the board, in key categories central to healthy business, the state has earned numerous “best of” and 1st place rankings on many levels.


• 1st Business Tax Climate Index (Source: Tax Foundation 2013)

• 1st Best Performing State Economy (Source: The Atlantic, 2010)

• 1st Lowest Electrical Prices per Million BTU (Source: Beacon Hill Institute, 2010)

• 2nd Best Run State in America (Source: 24/7 Wall Street, 2012)

• 2nd Lowest Business Failure Rate (Source: Dun & Bradstreet, 2011)

• 3rd, Pro-Business States (Source: Pollina Corporate Real Estate, 2012)

Voice of Business

HTBPEspecially attractive for start-up companies in highly-regulated industries, is Wyoming’s open-door, access to legislators stance. Giving business unfettered face time with the people who can most impact business is pure Wyoming—and it means getting things done because access to decision makers is more manageable here than in other states. This access, coupled with numerous grants, loans and incentive programs, provide businesses with critical financial resources.

Labor Force

HTBPOver the past five years Wyoming’s population has been growing at nearly twice the U.S. average and has a labor force growing nearly six times as fast as the U.S. average. This signals the availability of a solid labor force of skilled workers for businesses now and in the future.

AAA Rated

While the nation’s current and past economic turbulence unsteadied a lot of states, Wyoming’s financial footing has remained on solid ground. In short, risk is reduced and taxes less likely to rise.