Sheridan’s 5th Street Expansion 

a real HOT spot for large Data Centers.

Expansion Overview

HTBPSheridan’s Best Location for Large & Very Large Data Centers

As referenced within the “TMNG Global”, Infrastructure and Site Readiness Assessment for Data Center, report Sheridan’s best location for attracting a large or very large data center is just east of I-90 on 5th Street/Wyamo Road and E. Ridge Road Area. This area, which currently has a State Of Wyoming planned facility, is within 1 & ½ mile of the Regional Power Grid Substation, has regional 230kV power lines, MDU has 230kV and 41.6kV power lines with immediate access to looped capacity potentially as high as 75 to 90mW. This area also has both ACT and CenturyLink fiber, good roads (E. Ridge Road currently being extended south), 12” high pressure looped water line and at least a 10” waste water line.  The terrain is generally flat which would make for moderately easy construction.  City Hall is ready to annex and extend utilities upon commitment of a data center client to locate.


The City and environs are currently provided with power from a regional grid over Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) and Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU) 230kV Transmission Lines (Regulated by the Western Area Power Authority – WAPA). This grid provides power via a major substation (Sheridan PP&L Sub) located just North East of I-90 and 5th Street and is comprised of at least 3 looped feeds tied into numerous power plants developing over 2,000MW of power. This network provides a substantial level of reliability. (See Exhibit 1). Quadrant Power Grid  For the city as a whole MDU has a combination of 230kV and 41.6kV transmission lines in a couple of small loops in the downtown area and a large loop surrounding the city and tying back into the Sheridan PP&L substation.  This design offers looped service to much of the local market.


Sheridan Substation | (called Sheridan PP&L Sub) is part of three (3) 230kV looped routes creating a substantially robust or reliable grid.

Current expansion plans include extension of the 41.6kV transmission line service into the Sheridan Hi-Tech Business Park and the Wrench Ranch area (See Exhibit 3).  Within this expansion are newly constructed transmission lines and substations to create a loop through the Business Park providing 10MW to 20 MW of looped or “protected” power.

Fiber Optics
City Wide

Within the City of Sheridan, ACT’s core access network consisting of a 2.5 Gbps SONET Ringed network supports traditional TDM based services such as Digital Signal level 1 and 3 (DS-1/DS-3) and Optical Carrier Services at OC-3 (155.52 Mbps) and OC-12 (622.08 Mbps).  For the delivery of Ethernet services, ACT has deployed a ringed “protected”10 Gbps network for support of copper based Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services at data rates up to 50Mbps and Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) at data rates up to 1 Gbps.  Ethernet services are delivered over Passive Optical network (PON, Active Ethernet (AE) or Carrier Ethernet equipment to the customer’s premises.  The local city-wide network can easily be augmented to provide one or more 10Gbps protected circuits or lease/IRU fiber that interconnects with ACT’s protected regional network.


The Hi-Tech Business Park is located in an area served by Advanced Communications Technology (ACT).  ACT has deployed a core transport network consisting of traditional protected Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) operating at multiple 2.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps), and a next generation DWDM Ethernet over SONET network operating over multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths which are upgradeable to 100 Gbps.


ACT currently has dark fiber facilities and finished fiber facilities and services in the Hi-Tech Business Park.  The ACT Central Office is located within one (1) mile of the park.  In the event that a business is interested in locating their facility in the Hi-Tech Business Park, ACT has the ability to provide fiber or fiber based services within approximately 45 to 60 days, depending on the exact location of the business.  Should there be a need for additional inner duct or fibers beyond what ACT currently has in place, the company plans to place additional fiber and duct in 2014.

Natural Gas Service

The East 5th Expansion is served by a 2” polyethylene gas main in Brundage Lane.  From Brundage it follows Aviation Drive, then is looped throughout Phase I on Aero Loop. The distribution pressure is 55 PSI and the proposed site is served from a border station approximately 9,500 ft. away.  MDU would be able to provide 8 to 10 mcf per hour to the existing pipeline within the SCA Business Park.

Water Service

The City of Sheridan water system is currently capable of providing water service to the Hi-Tech Business Park.  Water supply is available through a 16-inch water transmission line within Yellowtail Drive along the property’s northern boundary and an 8-inch water line that loops along its southern boundary within Hi-Tech Drive.  The water service capacity through the 16-inch line is currently 2.1 million gallon per day (MDG) with .2 MGD presently allocated.  During an average day’s demand, a static pressure range of 65 to 70 psi will exist within this portion of the water system which should be compatible with culinary and fire suppression requirements for most data centers.

Sewer Capacity

The Sheridan Wastewater Treatment Facility has a design and permitted capacity of 4.4 MGD; however, it is capable of continually treating up to 7.0 MGD.  The average day demands on the WWTF are 2.3 MGD leaving an available capacity of 2.1 MGD of which .1 MGD has been allocated.


Telecommunications The SCA Business Park has several providers for phone and other telecommunication services. Qwest has infrastructure installed throughout to provide phone and DSL internet. Charter has infrastructure installed throughout the business park and can provide digital tv, digital phone and high speed internet. ACT has installed fiber optics. This phase of the fiber optic build out by ACT installed a fiber ring around the Sheridan Airport Business Park to provide redundancy and 24/7 support and reliability for its customers. – Sonet Services: DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, Oc-12 and OC-48 Wavelength: lGbs, 2.5Gbs, and l OGbs – Ethernet over fiber, sonet and DWDM: 10/100 Ethernet, GigE and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Diverse Access Options: CFA to regional ILEC/CLEC providers – Dark Fiber Lease Agreements Dedicated Internet Service – Enhanced Service Level Agreements 24/7 Support and Monitoring – Pre-configured Router and other CPE Available Phone Systems