Utilities & Infrastructure 

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HTBPElectric | Industrial rates nearly 21 percent below the national average.
Source: Energy Information Administration, July 2012
Natural Gas | Natural gas rates 25 percent below the U.S. average (retail).
Source: Energy Information Administration, July 2012.

HTBPTelecommunications | There are nine telecommunications providers near I-80 and throughout the rest of the state. Nearly 80 percent of the housing units in the state of Wyoming have broadband access through telco, cable or wireless providers; nearly 100 percent of homes have broadband access via satellite.

Plentiful, Inexpensive Water | Wyoming has ample water available due to high levels of precipitation, large supplies of groundwater through a series of aquifers throughout the state, and its geographic location as a headwater state. An estimated 3.3 million acre feet of water are consumed annually in Wyoming for all uses (residential, irrigation, reservoir evaporation, and industrial); its reserves are equal to another 3.3 million acre feet of water.

Source: Wyoming Water Plan by the Wyoming Water Development Commission.


There are approximately 778 municipal water systems 200 wastewater treatment systems in the state.  Many industrial users have one supply for potable water, and another for non-potable water.  Pumping is the only cost for non-potable water.

Source: Wyoming Rural Water Association.